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Throw your very own silent disco!
Just like you always wanted.

  • $8/ea day - headphones
  • $99 - transmitters / chargers
  • Easy.
  • Lost/broken - $45/ea
  • Refundable Deposit - $300
Wacky characters, ready for a good time

You already know but... silent disco is a new way to deliver music at events, through high-quality wireless heaphones, with no ambient noise. This technology is great for all kinds of events from private dance parties to weddings, outdoor movies, chorus recording sessions, lectures, theatre and art installations.

  • Remove headphones and have a conversation or order a drink.
  • Simultaneous DJs!
  • Guests can pick a channel, headphone light color will display choice.
  • Guests can control volume and participation.

Envision the crowd at your event dancing and enjoying music without the blasting speakers. Your guests will be able to listen in or take a break; actaully have a conversation, order a drink, then join back in the audio action. Holding silent events make them special. It's normal for smiles to be stuck on the faces of your guests. The name "silent disco" has become the catch phrase for this type of technology used for parties. BTW: '70s music not necessarily required.

Past clients/locations:

  • The Stranger
  • EMP (experience music project)
  • Tableau Software
  • Lo Fi Festival (aka Smoke Farm)
  • What The Festival
  • Ghost Stag Productions

Headphone details
Our headphones are the high quality option among silent disco offerings. Details...

  • Over-ear, pivoting, soft leather flex foam pads, adjustable size headband, comfortable for long-term wearing.
  • Controls include: 3-channel switch with LED color indicator, auto-mute function, and personal volume control.
  • Modern design with noise canceling technology.
  • 10-hour wireless battery life with USB-supported built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery pack
  • Range up to 300-yards, as well as high-quality reception through walls and ceilings.
  • Easy-to-use stereo input (RCA or 1/8 mini jack), with high-def sound and strong bass response.
  • True transmitter antennae for long-range high quality reception.